RiverStar Appointment Scheduler

Automate and streamline the appointment scheduling process for 2-1-1 contact centers, VITA/AARP sites and others.

2-1-1 contact centers across the nation spend thousands of hours scheduling tax counseling and other appointments for low-income families. However, most have no automated scheduling and appointment systems — making scheduling a hassle, and opening the door to over-bookings, under-bookings and no-shows. RiverStar Appointment Scheduler completely streamlines and automates the scheduling process.

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Using RiverStar Appointment Scheduler, contact centers can:

Consolidate all appointment scheduling from one centralized location, serving hundreds of locations, e.g., tax centers.

Create a self-service portal where clients can schedule their own appointments via a desktop or mobile device

Eliminate over-bookings and double-bookings with a centralized scheduling calendar that’s always up-to-date.

Deliver agent and mobile friendly self-service scripts and notifications in multiple languages.

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Learn how today’s successful VITA/AARP organizations are easing the burden of tax appointment scheduling.
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Centralized Schedule Database

All scheduling information is kept in one central database, eliminating over-bookings or double-bookings.

Complete Visibility

Administrators have full visibility into all scheduling information across all their associated sites.

Real-time Appointment Availability

Agencies can update appointment/schedule availability daily so all schedules remain in sync.

Streamlined Eligibility Screening

All scheduling criteria can be configured on a county-by-county basis with simple and complex screening requirements.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders via email or SMS — in multiple languages.

Ongoing Reporting

Reports can be sent daily to each location, e.g., tax agency for visibility into the day’s appointments.

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