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White Papers

Five Reasons CRM Still Fails

This white paper covers a fresh new outlook on the top five reasons why CRM still fails to effectively manage the customer interaction when used as a primary information source for agents when they interface with customers.
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Community Care Hub Enables Improved Health And Economic Outcomes

Learn how the right model and unified technology can bridge the gap between healthcare and social determinants, delivering improved outcomes and sustainable results.
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Jackson County, MI Community Health Information Exchange

Download a series of four documents to learn how Jackson County, MI designed and developed a community information exchange to improve its population health. Learn about the participatory design, the technical design, the services in the exchange and how it all came together.
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Michigan Tax Prep by the Numbers Infographic

The Michigan Economic Impact Coalition assists over 100,000 customers with financial needs to file their taxes. Learn how RiverStar’s Tax Appointment Scheduler powers the scheduling process and has a tremendous positive impact on the state of Michigan!
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Creating a Customer-Centric Contact Center

Contact centers experience frustration when agents can’t get the information they need quickly. Learn how RiverStar can turn frustration into a customer-centric hub of knowledge that makes your customers, agents, developers and executives happy!
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Community Care Hub Enables Improved Health And Economic Outcomes

Get an easy-to-understand, visual view of how the Community Care Hub gives organizations the ability to increase the coordination of care while creating sustained revenue and improving overall community health.
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Community Care & Resource Referral Relationships

Benchmark yourself against how other community care organizations are communicating with their clients and how resource referrals are handled and managed.
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Easing the Burden of Tax Appointment Scheduling: 5 Ways Leading VITA/AARP Sites are Getting it Right

Find out how your organization can eliminate inefficient scheduling systems that can cause over-bookings, under-bookings and no-shows.
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