Everything An Agent Needs All In One Place.

Create a more efficient contact center environment that results in a more positive experience for both your customers and agents.

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RiverStar Unified Agent Desktop

Unify your agents’ desktop workflow experience and eliminate the need to continually switch between systems.

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Customized Agent Workflows

Workflows are tailored to your business processes and auto-launched based on pre-defined rules.

Integrate With All Your Systems

Tie into any system with an exposed interface to pull data from business applications.

Dynamic Reporting

Track KPIs that measure contact center performance to rapidly diagnose root issues.

Personalize Customer Interactions

Auto-populate customer data on-screen to make interactions personal and friendly.

Integrated Call Control

Manage all call functionality (availability, answer, transfer, recording, etc.) from the desktop.

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running quickly with rapid deployment and automatic agent updates.

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The Business Impact: Lasting Benefits for Your Contact Center

Reduce call handling time

Find accurate answers immediately

Eliminate switching between applications

Personalize customer communications

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See It in Action

Three dynamic case studies. One powerful solution.

Download RiverStar case studies to learn how other leading organizations created dynamic contact center efficiencies.

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