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RiverStar deployed Unified Agent Desktop and custom workflows for tax appointment scheduling and more.


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Michigan 2-1-1 connects people with information and resources to build healthy, safe communities throughout Michigan.  Resources are available to help with housing, food, utilities, healthcare, transportation, veterans, reentry, and many other needs.


Michigan 2-1-1 needed a solution to help them schedule appointments for free tax assistance that would be able to be extended to handle a variety of other screening and referral needs, e.g., childhood healthcare, utility assistance, food stamps and food pantry screening and referral.  The solution needed to integrate with their existing inContact telephony platform and with their existing information and retrieval (I&R) system.  Finally, the system needed to have a comprehensive reporting capability to simplify the reporting process to support their many different grant requirements.


RiverStar built a unified agent desktop and integrated with inContact and their I&R system. RiverStar Studio was used to pull together rules-based scripting, real-time data dips to the I&R system, and a process design that optimized customer care opportunities. The solution started with free tax assistance appointments and was quickly expanded to include childhood healthcare and utility assistance screening and referrals.  RiverStar tools were also used to assist with the Flint water crisis, including the management and distribution of water, water filters and water test kits.

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