Communicate With Your Customers Proactively and Personally.

Create and manage text and email campaigns to reduce appointment no-shows or promote new services.

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RiverStar Campaign Manager

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List Upload

Your entire contact list can be easily uploaded via a spreadsheet or .csv file.

Easy, Custom Design

Emails and texts can be edited with an integrated rich text editor for full control over the look and feel.

Personalized Communications

Messages can be individually customized with name, account number, appointment date, time, location, etc.

Scheduled Send

Campaigns can be scheduled to be sent on day and time of your choosing.

Test Mode

Send test messages to make sure everything is right before launching the campaign.

Integrated Reporting

Report on number of messages sent, received, read, bounced, opened, click-through rates and more.

The Business Impact: Lasting Benefits for Your Contact Center

Personalize customer interactions

Deliver timely information and content

Increase revenue through product promotions

Reduce appointment no-shows and cancellations

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