Drive Benefits Across the Entire Organization

RiverStar solutions drive significant benefits across your entire organization.

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Practice and Community Agency Benefits

Offer Integrated Care

Confidently address social determinants of health, behavioral health and substance use issues.

Accurately Diagnose Issues

Easily conduct in-depth patient interviews, with results available in moments to review with patients.

Access Community Resources

Quickly access community resources via integrated 2-1-1 data — and share care plans with resource providers.

Focused Care Plans

Develop focused care plans for your client or patient — or refer them to a behavioral health specialist.

Address Hidden Issues

Effectively identify and treat conditions that may be hidden beneath the surface.

Track Outcomes

Monitor changes in a client or patient status between visits using built-in tracker scales.

Workflow Flexible

Align processes with your current workflow, so there’s no exhaustive training or changing how you provide care.

Offer New Services

Offer new services for behavioral health, substance use and social determinant screenings.

Recognize New Revenue Opportunities

Behavioral health screenings and consultations can be billed to Medicare.

Gain Financial Sustainability

Recurring billings via behavioral health screenings can provide sustained revenue, strengthening the bottom line.

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Employee Benefits

Reduce Time

Quickly and walk patients, customers or clients users through predefined workflows reducing time.

Improve Institutional Memory

No longer worry about your organization’s knowledge leaving when a tenured employee leaves.

Increase Calls Per Hour

Enables employees to get through significantly more calls each hour, reducing the overall call queue.

Happier Employees

Finding answers faster means happier customers and, in turn, happier employees and better overall morale.

Less Stress

Guided workflows make it easier for employees to help patients and customers, significantly reducing job stress.

Better Customer Service

Happy employees that can find answers quickly provide better overall customer service.

Ease of Use

RiverStar applications have an intuitive user interface and are easy to learn and use, even in complex environments.

Reduced Training Time

New employees can be up and running quickly, reducing the need for costly and cumbersome training and onboarding classes.

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Customer Benefits

Increase Customer and Patient Retention

Positive experiences lead to more loyal patients, customers and clients.

Rapid issue Resolution

Resolve issues more rapidly, reducing the need to follow up later or hand off a patient, customer or client to another individual.

Consistent Answers

Patients, customers or clients receive consistent answers, independent of who they speak with.

Reduced Call Backs

Customers get answers while they’re on the line, reducing or eliminating annoying and time-consuming callbacks.

Rapid Issue Resolution

Issues are resolved rapidly so patients, customers or clients don’t have to wait for answers and can get on with their day.

Personalized Experiences

Offer personalized experiences with easy and quick access to personal customer information.

No Duplicate Questions

Agents no longer have to ask for information that’s already available, reducing customer frustrations.

Timely Information

Having the right information at the right time keeps conversations moving with no uncomfortable pauses searching for data.

Proactive Communication

Using RiverStar, organizations can reach out to patients, clients or customers via text or email to resolve issues proactively.

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Technology Benefits

Speed Development Cycles

RiverStar applications are created with a rapid development framework to speed implementation.

Easy Implementation

Intuitive user experiences make implementation rapid and decrease training time.

Respond to New Needs

Agent requests and new business needs can be accommodated in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Rapid Deployment

RiverStar applications can be deployed rapidly with minimal operational interruption.

Roll Out Changes Faster

Application changes can be rolled out immediately without the need for cumbersome software updates or upgrades.

Eliminate Desktop Software

RiverStar applications are developed and live in the cloud, accessible through a web browser.

Integrate with Internal Systems

RiverStar can integrate with any application that has an open API, giving you access to data from existing or legacy systems.

Simple Integration

Integration is completed through a wizard-like interface without the need for tedious programming.

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Business Benefits

Reinforce Operational Processes

Pre-determined workflows can help ensure employees are following established operating policies and procedures.

Increase Operational Consistency

Whether you have five employees or 5,000, RiverStar solutions help facilitate consistency with each process or interaction.

Reduce Operational Costs

When productivity increases, operational costs naturally decrease across your organization.

Reduce Compliance Issues

Ensure all associates following industry-driven compliance mandates with all your patients, clients or customers.

Increase Upsell Opportunities

Agents that follow well thought-through workflows can naturally dovetail conversations into upsell opportunities.

Increased Number of Sales Per Hour

Well-optimized workflows can increase sales agent output, closure rates and number of sales per hour.

Operational Visibility

Report on every operational KPI, providing unparalleled visibility into key business metrics.

Automated Report Sharing

Save days of staff time each month and keep all stakeholders in the loop with automated report production and sharing.

Positive Customer Experience

Delight your patients, customers and clients with a positive experience upon every interaction.

Consistent Interactions

Interactions become consistent and repeatable, guided by defined workflows and processes.

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