Track Your KPIs Across Your Entire ORGANIZATION

Track improved operational performance with dynamic reporting for better overall business or practice management.

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RiverStar Reporting Engine

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Completely Customizable

Easily define what data elements are trackable and define a custom set of reports that reflect those data elements.

Fine-Tuned Controls

Carefully track and visualize all key areas of your organization through detailed reporting and analytics.

Multiple Reporting Formats

View reports in a variety of ways for actionable business insight to improve operational results.

Dynamic Visual Presentation

Present reports in multiple formats — tables, line charts, pie charts, bar charts, etc. — including complex on-the-fly computations.

Ad Hoc or Scheduled

Run reports ‘on the fly’ or schedule them to run at specific times or intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).

Share and Distribute

Automatically send reports to custom distribution lists on a schedule or post them to secure a web portal as a .pdf, .xls or .csv file.

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The Business Impact: Lasting Benefits for Your Organization

Gain insight into key success metrics

Easily pinpoint problem areas

Chart success and progress over time

Keep peers, customers and patients in the loop

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