Fully Integrate Your Contact Center Systems with RiverStar Studio

Today’s modern contact center needs to be streamlined and automated — integrated with all critical systems so information is easily at hand and agents can get answers quickly, when they’re needed. To do this, systems must be tied together with an intuitive platform that’s easy to use and quick to deploy. RiverStar Studio provides a powerful, elegant and easy to use platform that can be leveraged to integrate your systems via a cloud-based Integration Platform as a Service, or iPaaS.

What is iPaaS?

iPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, is a cloud software platform that enables the rapid integration of on-site and cloud-based data. RiverStar solutions are developed and deployed in the cloud, providing you with an iPaaS platform to automate your processes and integrate your systems.

What are the benefits of iPaaS for contact centers?

iPaaS allows contact centers to:

  • Achieve rapid development time and better flexibility
  • Minimize the cost of IT maintenance and management
  • Extend processes, applications, and data to outside parties, such as company partners and/or customers
  • Eliminate siloed applications and data
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Transform business processes

Empower your agents to transform your customer experience

Good agents can be difficult to find — they help your company to increase revenue, give your customers a higher satisfaction rating, and keep your sales and service processes moving. Good agents need the right tools; a fully integrated system allows them instant access to your customer data and eliminates those undesired pauses in conversation. Using an iPaaS infrastructure to empower your agents can lead to:

  • Higher revenue
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More engaging interactions
  • Longer agent tenure
  • Better brand ambassadors

Superior customer interactions start with seamless data integration

Disconnected systems breed inefficiency; agents are forced to waste time skimming through different applications, leaving your customers waiting for an answer. Valuable information is often left on the table as agents rush to find the right answer.

Customers today are savvy; they expect the same speed and accuracy from your agents that they get from their own software and devices. Organizations who make the move to a unified platform enjoy a single view of their customer’s profiles and are able to communicate seamlessly across every channel — resulting in a dramatic improvement in customer service and support. They have also been delighted by their agent’s increased opportunity to bring in new clientele and to upsell existing customers.

Use RiverStar Studio as an integration platform to transform your businesses

RiverStar Studio provides a seamless integration platform for all your applications, allowing you to build a centralized Unified Agent Desktop that gives agents easy access to pertinent company data and creates a better experience for your customers — reducing call handling time and getting customers the information they need immediately.

With RiverStar, you can…

  • Create a customized platform that integrates all your systems and data
  • Develop dynamic workflows and scripts and perfectly mirror your business processes
  • Quickly train your agents and dramatically improve performance
  • See an immediate return on your investment with greater workflow and increased customer confidence

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