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Customers want to be known.  They expect every interaction to be based on the complete knowledge of the existing relationship between the two of you.  They are intimately aware of the last product or service they bought from you and the last time they called or emailed to complain about something.  They fully expect whomever they talk with on your behalf to be as fully informed as they are about the relationship. That knowledge changes with every interaction.  Every member of your staff that interacts with the customer needs to have all of that information at their finger tips AND it should help guide the interaction.

Having all of the information about what products and services a customer has purchased, what their warranty statuses are, when they are due for service, what upgrades might be available, how to trouble shoot them, etc. all provide clear evidence of competence and understanding of the customer and their needs.  It makes you more likely to be able to address whatever question or issue they may have, which will directly affect their customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Picking the right moment in the dialog to ask about a supposedly resolved problem can help build a connection and increase loyalty and is one example of personalizing the interaction.

“Mr. Smith, you called us two weeks ago with a problem with your order of a ‘My Walkin Pup’.  Do you feel that we resolved that concern to your satisfaction?”

Providing unsolicited information based on your knowledge of the products and services the customer has purchased can also be a useful way to personalize the interaction.

Mr. Smith, were you aware that Lee Child is releasing a new book in the Jack Reacher Series next month?

That information is probably not relevant to most people, but this customer has bought every book in that series as soon as each book was released and it would be very welcome news to him.

Personalization could also be just confirming known preferences.

Would you like an aisle seat near the front?

Would you like a king sized bed in a room away from the elevator and back from the highway?

Both of those examples illustrate that you understand what the customer prefers and will try to meet his needs.  That is the essence of what personalization is all about. The information you need to personalize your interactions exists today in your systems.  The challenge is making it available to your team in a timely, easy-to-use manner.  Contact Us to talk about how we can help you personalize your interactions.


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