Adaptive Workflows

Customers want their issues addressed quickly and completely. What the customer wants may change during the course of the interaction. Many interactions are very straightforward. For example:

  • What is my account balance?
  • Did you receive my last payment?
  • What is the status of my order?

Those interactions are easily handled and don’t require complex support to address them. Other interactions, on the other hand, can be much more complex: Why isn’t my system working the way I expect it to? Frequently, customers have multiple questions that need addressing.

The focus of a customer facing support system should be on delivering a flexible, adaptive workflow that can lead to first call resolution of the customer’s request for virtually every reasonable customer interaction. One of our clients found that 83% of their customers would consider switching vendors over a single customer interaction that was not resolved upon first reporting it. This is consistent with the 89% reported by Gartner.

Handling those situations requires more than simply looking up a piece of information and providing it to the customer. Being able to drill down and troubleshoot an issue requires detailed knowledge of the product or service and supporting business processes. Customers also frequently shift directions in the middle of an interaction and the agent needs the ability to shift smoothly with them from a billing inquiry to troubleshooting a problem to ordering a new accessory.

Agents need an adaptive workflow which can support simple inquiries, as well as intelligent troubleshooting and decision making. That workflow needs access to all of the relevant information about the customer to personalize the interaction. Agents should be empowered by their systems to address all of the customer’s needs in a single interaction.

The workflow needs to ensure that agents have control over the paths they follow while ensuring that all of the required information is obtained to support successful resolution of each of the customer’s issues. The workflow needs to enable the agent to queue up additional issues to be addressed while ensuring that each issue is fully resolved within the context of that specific customer.

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