Deal Signed with WESTMED Practice Partners, LLC

RiverStar signed a contract with WESTMED Practice Partners LLC, Purchase, NY. WESTMED Practice Partners (WPP) is a healthcare management services company that has evolved from the success of WESTMED Medical Group. In the late 1990’s, WESTMED rolled out the healthcare delivery model of the integrated multi-specialty practice, a community-based facility that provides coordinated, efficient and quality care.

During the decade of implementation of this model, WESTMED has received national recognition for its coordinated clinical services and highly integrated information systems that have improved patient care, increased physicians’ professional satisfaction and enabled the practice to reduce healthcare costs. Remarkable growth and patient satisfaction with our integrated multispecialty practice have positioned us as the future of healthcare today.

WESTMED Practice Partners provides a turnkey solution to hospital systems looking to build a free-standing, comprehensive ambulatory center offering a full range of primary, specialty and ancillary services.

The WPP – RiverStar team has collaborated to implement an appointment scheduling solution for the WPP agents to use when making appointments with the physicians supported by WPP. The initial implementation supported the Internal Medicine Department and is now being expanded to support other departments.

RiverStar supports key business activities through:

  • Providing a dynamic agent workflow
  • Providing the business logic to determine the type of appointment to be scheduled
  • Displaying available appointment slots
  • Pulling data from GE Centricity to drive the scheduling dialog

The results have included:

  • Increased agent productivity
  • Reduced agent training time
  • Improved agent satisfaction
  • Reduced error rates
  • Improved agent retention

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