Deal Signed with United Way of California

RiverStar signed a contract with United Ways of California, South Pasadena, California. United Ways of California is an organization that provides free, confidential service that connects residents with local community-based organizations across the state, offering thousands of different programs and services for people seeking answers. In 2015, more than half a million California residents turned to 2-1-1 for health and human service information and referrals, and the numbers continue to grow.  2-1-1 has information on more than 30,000 different programs and services across the state.

The United Ways of California – RiverStar team has collaborated to implement an evolving, comprehensive solution for California that manages the interactions between California 2-1-1 and the residents seeking assistance as well as allowing residents to receive assistance via a mobile responsive web portal. The solution is built using RiverStar Studio, a platform used to rapidly create web applications using a graphical drag and drop interface that doesn’t require traditional programming.  The solution is centered on the RiverStar Unified Agent Desktop that is tightly integrated with the California 2-1-1 contact center platform provided by inContact.

For California 2-1-1, the RiverStar Unified Agent Desktop, built using RiverStar Studio, has been configured to initially provide a scheduling application for the agents to use to schedule appointments with tax counselors to help residents with their taxes. It then will be extended to integrate with the iCarol reference information platform that is used by California 2-1-1 to quickly pull information needed to assist residents with their specific issues such as broadband service eligibility screening and enrollment and Cover California screening and enrollment.

All the solutions developed or planned for 2-1-1 e.g. tax appointment scheduling, broadband service eligibility screening, Cover California screening and enrollment will also have a mobile responsive self service component which will allow residents to obtain assistance.

RiverStar supports key business activities through:

  • Embedded call control in the desktop for telephony, inbound email handling, chat and SMS
  • Process based workflows within the desktop,
  • Searchable, data-driven reference information, e.g., FAQs, Reference Documents, Reference Links
  • Rapid integration with enterprise systems, e.g., iCarol, embedded in the workflows
  • Business process management functionality to manage customer facing business processes

The solution provides a wide range of functionality for a group of 12 different 2-1-1 organizations across the state to support interactions with the residents, such as:

  • RiverStar Unified Agent Desktop
  • Activity scheduling, planning, tracking, escalation, and management
  • Inbound customer service assistance requests
  • Needs assessment
  • Eligibility screening, referral and enrollment
  • Appointment reminders
  • Contact history
  • Reporting

This solution is intended to become the focus for all interactions with the residents.


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