Three-Year Deal Signed with Compass Bank

RiverStar signed a three-year contract renewal with Compass Bank, Milan Italy. Compass is part of GrupoMediobanca. Compass is primarily a consumer focused bank. They provide personal loans, credit cards, etc. to their consumer base throughout Italy. With more than 3.000,000 customers and 150 branches across Italy, Compass is a leader in Italian consumer banking.

Over the last nine years, the Compass – RiverStar team has collaborated to implement a comprehensive enterprise business solution for Compass that manages the interactions with their consumers. The solution was built using RiverStar Studio, a platform used to rapidly create web applications using a graphical drag and drop interface that doesn’t require traditional programming.

For Compass Bank, the RiverStar Agent Desktop framework, built using RiverStar Studio, has been configured to provide a unified agent desktop for telephony, chat, SMS and inbound email.

RiverStar supported key business activities through:

  • Embedded call control in the desktop for telephony, chat and work items,
  • Process based workflows within the desktop,
  • Searchable, data-driven reference information, e.g., FAQs, Reference Documents, Reference Links, and
  • Rapid integration with enterprise systems embedded in the workflows
  • Business process management functionality to manage customer facing business processes

The solution provides a wide range of functionality to support interactions with the customers, such as:

  • RiverStarAgent Desktop
  • Activity scheduling, planning,tracking, escalation, andmanagement
  • Inbound customer service
  • Outbound customer service
  • Inbound email handling
  • Loan application processing
  • Outbound email campaigns and surveys
  • Contact management
  • Case management
  • Contact history, and
  • Reporting

For a base of approximately 1800 users, this solution has become the focus for all interactions with the customer.


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