Riverstar Survey Builder

Integrate Customer Surveys Into Your Contact Center Experience.

RiverStar Survey Builder empowers any organization to quickly and easily build surveys that uniquely integrate into their contact center work flows. Whether it’s immediate feedback from a call that just closed or insight on a new product or service that’s being researched, knowing what’s on the mind of your customer can help you plan for the future and ensure your organization is following through on your brand promises.

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Using RiverStar Survey Builder:

Create and deploy fully-branded surveys in just minutes.

Tailor surveys to subsets of client data for product research or service level satisfaction.

Gain immediate insight into customer sentiment, right after calls end.

Trigger specific workflow events based on survey responses.

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Customizable for a Personal Touch

Surveys can contain unique customer data (such as name, email, call information or other critical data) to make the communication more relevant and timely.

Advanced Reporting

Survey reports not only contain aggregate data, but can be viewed by individual response, so its easy to see customer opinion down to the individual.

Instant Visibility

RiverStar Survey Builder can show survey results as they happen, so you don’t have to wait until a survey ends to gain valuable customer insight.

Trigger Events Based On Responses

Contact centers can utilize surveys to trigger events based on responses to ensure customer satisfaction in the moment.

Dynamic, Multi-Threaded Question Logic

Based on responses within the survey, additional questions can be asked or a new thread of questions can be loaded.

Multi-channel Delivery Options

Surveys can be delivered via email, text with a link to a survey, agentless voice or agent-facing workflows.

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