Your Toolkit For Game-Changing Process Workflows.

Easily develop, self-build and self-administer unique, process-based workflows configured around your business processes with minimal development knowledge.

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RiverStar Studio

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Customize Process Workflows

Workflows can be tailored to your business processes without limits or restrictions.

Integration Wizard

Tie into any system with an exposed interface to push or pull data from business applications.

Personalize Customer Interactions

Auto-populate customer data on-screen to make interactions personal and friendly.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

With drag-and-drop functionality, workflows can be rapidly developed, tested, modified and managed.

Rapid Deployment

Browser-based applications make deployment immediate with no desktop deployment needed.

Design Customization

Customize the look and feel of your application so it flows seamlessly with existing applications.

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The Business Impact: Lasting Benefits for Your Contact Center

Develop custom workflows easily

Reduce overall development costs

Respond to new needs quickly

Rapidly deploy to your entire organization

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