Everything you need to create an efficient, optimized call center.

Our powerful solutions empower contact centers of all sizes to create custom workflows, automate complex processes, manage campaigns and measure performance.

RiverStar Suite

RiverStar Unifed Agent Desktop

Unify your agent’s workflow and eliminate switching between systems.

RiverStar Campaign Manager

Easily create outbound text or email campaigns to all your customers.

RiverStar Reporting Engine

Track KPIs that measure critical contact center performance in real time.

RiverStar Dynamic Script Editor

Easily create dynamic, conditional logic-based workflows and scripts.

RiverStar Studio

The industry’s most powerful, developer-friendly tool for creating automated contact center workflows and unifying your agent’s desktops.
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Use Cases

RiverStar products can be utilized to automate essentially any contact center agent process. Here are just a few examples of how our customers are using RiverStar to bring efficiencies to their business processes and increase their customers’ satisfaction with those processes.

Appointment Scheduling

Easily integrate with multiple, complex schedules.

Phone Sales

Look up catalog items quickly and close sales more efficiently.

Return Processing

Document, manage and route returns efficiently.

Information Lookup / 411

Query large databases to quickly and accurately look up information requests.

Application Processing

Process lengthy applications with complex requirements.

Outbound Communications

Auto-generate outbound communications via text or email.

Customer Support

Effectively manage complaint calls and customer issues.

Help Desk

Dig deep into support materials based on customer questions or needs.

Appointment Reminders

Automatically send reminders to minimize cancellations.

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