Deal Signed with Thomas L. Cardena & Associates

RiverStar signed a deal with Thomas L. Cardena & Associates (TLCA), a 400 seat Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

TLCA needs to be able to support new campaigns launched by their clients quickly and effectively. Like many BPO providers, TLCA needs to launch new campaignsquickly and must minimize the amount of agent training required to support new clients and campaigns.

Another key requirement for TLCA was to be self-sufficient with respect to how they engage and support their clients. TLCA relies ontheir employeesfor all development activities associated with creating solutionsthat serve as the foundation to their core business. They sought a solution that would allow them to add clients quickly and create campaigns without the need for highly-skilled programmers or other external resources.

Finally, they needed a solution that provided improved visibility into business performance. Specifically, metrics and other details associated with individual calls, theentirecampaign, campaigns for specific clients and campaigns for all clients. This improved visibility is now being provided by the RiverStar Reporting Engine framework.

RiverStar Studio is a rapid development platform used to create customweb applications. It contains a graphical user interface that does not require traditional programming skills. For TLCA, the RiverStar Agent Desktop framework, built using RiverStar Studio, provides a unified agent desktop for these key business activities, such as telephony, chat and inbound email.

RiverStar supported these key business activities through:

  • Studio allowsTLCA rapidly create custom work flows needed to support clients and client campaigns
  • Embedded inContact call control in the desktop for telephony, chat and work items,
  • Process based workflows within the desktop,
  • Searchable, data-driven reference information, e.g., FAQs, Reference Documents, Reference Links, and
  • Rapid integration with enterprise systems embedded in the workflows

In less than four months, the TLCA team used RiverStar Studio and the RiverStar Agent Desktop framework to introducea new contact center solution that resulted in these key business objectives:

  • Replaced anoutdated premise-based platform
  • Introduced a unified agent desktop
  • Enabled tight integration with inContact call center software
  • Provided the capability tocreate process-based workflowsin support of TLCA clients
  • Improved visibility to key metrics for all campaigns through improved reporting

“Virtually allBPOs, and many other kinds of organizations, require a scripting or workflow solution to address core business needs. I have yet to see a solution that offers the richness, capabilities and ease of use that RiverStar Studio offers”, says Brian Theusch, Senior Director Information Technology, TLCA.


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