RiverStar Community Care Hub

Empowering Community Care Agencies To Deliver Improved Health And Economic Outcomes.

The Community Care Hub gives organizations the ability to increase the coordination of care while providing recurring billable services that create sustained revenue and sustainable services — all with the goal of improving overall community health, one person at a time.

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The Community Care Hub allows agencies to:

Coordinate screenings for clients that pinpoint issues related to social determinants and behavioral health.

Identify and prioritize client needs; automatically process resource referrals to address client needs.

View individual client snapshots that surface social and healthcare-related determinants requiring attention.

Generate reports that establish provider effectiveness, track results and monitor key outcomes.

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Get an easy-to-understand, visual view of how the Community Care Hub gives organizations the ability to increase the coordination of care while creating sustained revenue and improving overall community health.
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Offer New Services

Agencies can offer new services for mental and behavioral health screenings.

Recognize New Revenue Opportunities

When done properly, both screenings and referrals can be billed to Medicare.

Gain Financial Sustainability

Recurring billings can provide sustained revenue, providing opportunities for additional service offerings and improved client support.

Efficiently and Effectively Provide Screenings

Mental and behavioral health screenings can be conducted with greater efficiency and a much higher degree of accuracy.

Make Resource Referrals in a Snap

Resources for help are automatically matched based on a client’s individual screening, and referral requests can be scheduled in a matter of seconds.

Gain Visibility Into Provider Effectiveness

Resources referrals can be followed up on with reports that provide visibility into
overall effectiveness and outcomes.

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