RiverStar QueView

Integrate Email Handling into inContact for Intelligent Assigning and Rapid Resolution

QueView automatically routes inbound emails into customized queues based on specific topics, such as support, sales, general questions, etc. Instead of pushing emails to an individual agent who may not be trained (or available) to handle a topic, the emails go into queues where available agents can choose which emails they wish to respond to, based on priority, time-sensitivity, topic or any other criteria.

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RiverStar QueView allows organizations using NICE inContact to:

Answer emails rapidly with greater accuracy — closing cases faster and freeing agent time for other tasks.

Assign emails to other agents or queues if more expertise is needed.

Choose emails to respond to, focusing on SLA adherence, agent expertise, area of specialty, etc.

Create multiple queues based on any set of criteria, such as keyword, subject line, date, recipient or sender.

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Search Capability

Agents can search queues or emails based on topic, sender, subject, specific words, etc.

Self-Service Assigning

Agents can assign emails to themselves based on any number of criteria.

Assign Multiple or Single Emails

An intuitive checkbox interface allows multiple emails to be assigned at once.

Supervisor Assigning

Supervisors can assign emails from any queue to a variety of agents.

Multi-Threaded Assigning

Multiple agents can utilize the application concurrently.

Email Preview

Users can preview emails and assign them to agents directly from the preview.

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