Deal signed with Appriss

WHEATON, IL. February 17, 2014 –RiverStar signed a deal with Appriss, Inc., acompany located in Louisville, Kentucky that provides data and technology solutions for a safer place to live and work. Their basic business function is to provide customers access to specific, accurate information in a timely manner. The information that Appriss aggregates covers a broad range of categories to a diverse audience including solutions for public safety, risk& compliance, health information and insurance.

Apprissemploys over 40 agents to provide their services. They need the ability to rapidly provide access to information that is critical to their customers’ safety and security. This requires immediate access to critical informationthat can be provided instantly to their agents when on customer calls. The information provided is frequently sensitive, so quick and accurate authorization of the person seeking information is essential. Additionally, tracking what information is provided to whom is essential.

RiverStar Studio is a rapid development platform used to create customweb applications. It contains a graphical user interface that does not require traditional programming skills. For Appriss, the RiverStar Agent Desktop framework, built using RiverStar Studio, provides a unified agent desktop for these key business activities, such as telephony and chat.

In less than two months, the Appriss – RiverStar team implemented a new contact center solution that:

  • Introduced a unified agent desktop
  • Tightly integrated with inContact
  • Provided process-based workflows
  • Integrated to several enterprise systems

“RiverStar’s solution is helping us trim time from every call handled, enabling better tracking of key success metrics, and enabling our call center to automate significant portions of script delivery. We anticipate training time to be cut in half once fully implemented as well. Quite simply, a great investment. ”, said Josh Bruner, VP, Appriss