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Deal signed with WESTMED Practice Partners, LLC

WHEATON, IL. March 11, 2015 – RiverStar signed a contract with WESTMED Practice Partners LLC, Purchase, NY. WESTMED Practice Partners (WPP) is a healthcare management services company that has evolved from the success of WESTMED Medical Group. In the late 1990’s, WESTMED rolled out the healthcare delivery model of the integrated multi-specialty practice, a community-based […]

Deal signed with Michigan 211 Call Center

WHEATON, IL. December 8, 2014 –RiverStar signed a contract with Michigan 2-1-1, Lansing, Michigan. Michigan 2-1-1 is an organization that provides free, confidential service that connects residents with local community-based organizations across the state, offering thousands of different programs and services for people seeking answers. In 2014, more than half a million Michigan residents turned […]

Adaptive Workflows

Customers want their issues addressed quickly and completely. What the customer wants may change during the course of the interaction. Many interactions are very straightforward. For example: What is my account balance? Did you receive my last payment? What is the status of my order? Those interactions are easily handled and don’t require complex support to […]

Five Reasons CRM Still Fails

Download the Paper Our experience and conversations with companies continue to show that the foundation of most CRM packages is lacking features that create customer process integration opportunities for call centers. Yet, many centers still rely on CRM as the primary agent interface. This paper covers a fresh new outlook on the top 5 reasons […]

Three-Year deal signed with Compass Bank

WHEATON, IL. July 1, 2014 –RiverStar signed a three-year contract renewal with Compass Bank, Milan Italy. Compass is part of GrupoMediobanca. Compass is primarily a consumer focused bank. They provide personal loans, credit cards, etc. to their consumer base throughout Italy. With more than 3.000,000 customers and 150 branches across Italy, Compass is a leader […]

Dynamic Personalized Experience

Customers want to be known.  They expect every interaction to be based on the complete knowledge of the existing relationship between the two of you.  They are intimately aware of the last product or service they bought from you and the last time they called or emailed to complain about something.  They fully expect whomever […]

Key Contact Center Technology Capabilities Needed to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences

Key Contact Center Technology Capabilities Needed to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences Delivery of truly outstanding customer experience requires 5 distinct sets of functionality: dynamic, personalized dialog; adaptive workflow; unified customer context; consistent experience; and, deeper insight.  Each of these elements focuses on a different aspect of the interaction between you and your customer and brings […]

Deal signed with Appriss

WHEATON, IL. February 17, 2014 –RiverStar signed a deal with Appriss, Inc., acompany located in Louisville, Kentucky that provides data and technology solutions for a safer place to live and work. Their basic business function is to provide customers access to specific, accurate information in a timely manner. The information that Appriss aggregates covers a […]

Deal Signed with Thomas L. Cardena & Associates

WHEATON, IL. October 20, 2013 –RiverStar signed a deal with Thomas L. Cardena & Associates (TLCA), a 400 seat Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. TLCA needs to be able to support new campaigns launched by their clients quickly and effectively. Like many BPO providers, TLCA needs to launch new campaignsquickly and […]