RiverStar Email Handler

Integrate Email Handling into Your Contact Center for Rapid Resolution and Automated Tracking.

RiverStar Email Handler automatically routes inbound emails into customized queues based on specific topics, such as support, sales, general questions, etc. Instead of pushing emails to a specific agent who may not be trained (or available) to handle a topic, the emails go into a queue where available agents can choose which emails they wish to respond to, based on priority, time-sensitivity, or any other criteria.

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Using RiverStar email handler:

Emails can be answered more quickly, with greater accuracy — closing cases faster.

Agents can choose emails to respond to, focusing on their area of expertise.

Emails can be routed proactively to other agents if more expertise is needed.

Email response time can be easily tracked for reporting, staffing forecasting and SLA purposes.

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Dynamic Email Routing

Advanced logic analyzes and pushes emails to an appropriate queue based on specific content, including the subject, sender, recipient and text in the body, and email threads are managed as conversations.

Customizable Routing Logic

Emails can be routed based on custom logic built around your business requirements, including any number of keywords or other criteria.

Integrate With Existing Systems

RiverStar email handler can be integrated with your existing contact center software, such as NICE InContact or others.

Full Email Tracking and Reporting

Each email is time-stamped when received, opened, pulled, responded to and closed so organizations can track email response time.

Full Control and Editing

Email responses can be fully edited with a rich text editor, as well as changing the email address, CC, BCC, and adding attachments.

Email Moving and Re-assigning

Supervisors can pull emails as needed and move them to different agents to ensure SLAs are met.

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